Getting Out and About – Leaving the City Behind

Feel like you could do with some fresh air? Sometimes it’s nice to escape the stuffy city or office and head for the hills. Dublin’s locality comprises a variety of terrains from golden sand dunes to rocky mountains and rushing rivers. Amid such a diverse landscape, there are many activities to try if you know where to go. Here are a few suggestions:

Rock climbing

Just eight miles south of Dublin city centre lies Dalkey Quarry, a rock climbing mecca. With over 250 different routes available, you’ll be kept challenged indefinitely. Elsewhere, newcomers can get some indoor practice and perhaps join a club. There are at least five indoor walls in the city.

Mountain biking

Mountain biking is a great way to get fit and explore some of the natural wonders of Dublin. Head for the bike trails at Ticknock or Ballinastoe and enjoy the thrill. Don’t forget to take time to catch your breath and appreciate where you are! For anyone new to the sport, bike rental, riding lessons and guided tours can be booked. Check out the Mountain Biking Association of Dublin (MAD), as well.

Kite surfing

Kite surfingDollymount Strand, with its golden sands and shallow waters, is a fantastic place to try kite surfing, and it’s just 30 minutes from the city centre. Pure Magic offers equipment rental and beginner’s lessons. Kite surfing is an exhilarating experience and a great excuse to get out and about.

White water rafting

It might be hard to imagine the apparently calm River Liffey hosting some of the best white water rafting in Ireland, but it does. Upriver from the city, just 20 miles from the centre, is a place known as Strawberry Beds. Here, you can jump into a raft with experienced guides and tour the wilder, most beautiful parts of the Liffey.