Stop Thinking And Start Doing

If you are like most of the long term couples around today, you would have made many mistakes during your relationship. But what you don’t understand is that these mistakes can actually help spice things up. These may be big mistakes or small ones. They are inevitable and can be very unpleasant if repeated constantly. But they can give you quite a good insight into your partner and your relationship.

Don’t waste time trying to not make any mistakes. This just won’t happen. You will start over analyzing everythinstep-780896_960_720g and sometimes these will be things which you shouldn’t be analyzing at all. This will only waste lots of time and halt growth in your relationship. Don’t try to think every step through. If you do, you will miss out on the fun in your relationship.

You should be able to shut off your brain when in a relationship and not ask too many questions sometimes. You will make mistakes. Just learn from them and move on.

You can make a simple mistake like forgetting to pick up a cake for your anniversary and then get something shabby at the last minute. This might not be something that you find to be too much of a problem but your girlfriend might not feel the same way. They will be astonished at how thoughtless you can be when it comes to such a special day. But you will get an opportunity to get over it. Take the opportunity when you get it.

Instead of focusing on not making mistakes you should try changing things up and seeing the results. You might not like the results. They may even be boring. But as long as you are trying new things all the time, it won’t matter. Not everything is going to work. But she will love you even more for the things that do.

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